Taking Your TP Exam

So you have passed your Basic Theory Test, and Final Theory Test at one of the 3 driving schools in Singapore, taken your lessons and now are finally ready for you Singapore driving test.

Excited? Sure you will be. But perhaps, for most of you, nervousness would be part of your emotions as well.

Here are some of the best tips to help you calm down before the practical driving examination.

1) Drink warm water (NOT cold water) before your examination. Around 3/4 cup of it would be good. Somehow when you stay warm, you feel less nervous.

2) If you have really bad sweaty palms, you can go to the bowling alley and purchase from the store a puff ball. Basically, you powder your hand with powder but it goes through the cloth fabric of the ball so it is not too much but sufficient to keep your hands very very slightly moist (or rather, naturally feeling instead of perspiring)

3) Try to take a lesson before the exam, and treat that as the exam. When I did that, I actually was much more nervous during the lesson, and when it came to the exam, it felt super simple.

4) Believe you’re meant to pass. You got it. Just do it.

5) Know that the driving tester from the traffic police department will keep tapping at his or her iPad screen and that does not meant that you are making mistakes or doing something right. He or she is usually simply ticking a check list for you as you go through your driving test.

6) Always wear comfortable clothing – do not wear pants which would make you feel uncomfortable and do not wear clothes which would restrict your movement.

7) Always wear your best pair of spectacles if you have more than one and make sure to bring along your eye drops if you wear contact lenses.

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