School Or Private Driving Instructors?

If you are looking to pass your practical driving exam in Singapore, you will probably need to pass your BTT and FTT first. Although you could technically apply for a valid provisional driving license after passing your basic theory driving test and start taking driving lessons, take note that your PDL will only last for 6 months and because waiting for the practical Singapore traffic police driving test takes about 1 to 2 months from booking, This means that you definitely need to pass your final theory test and practical driving test in Singapore on your very first attempt for both or you would need to renew your PDL. Of course, it is also highly likely you can achieve that if you study and memorize the details for the final theory test and take driving lessons from a good private driving instructor Singapore.

After that you need to get your PDL and then look for a qualified driving instructor. But how should you decide on one and should you get a school one or a private one?

First of all, private driving instructor Singapore are definitely much more experienced than the instructors at schools because they have hands-on experience for mostly more than 20 to 30 years. They thus have lots of experience and their own teaching style for driving as well.

Secondly, private driving teachers usually are less structured (generally speaking) and may or may not have a structured curriculum and some of them go with sheer experience. If you prefer a structured manner, then schools would be the better choice for you.

Prices are definitely much cheaper for private. Even the most expensive private tutors are way cheaper than a regular school tutor.

Priority and speed in booking for the exam is given to school students, other students might have to usually wait longer for their exam slot to take place.

My Driving Experience

I (Cameroon) would give you a cookie award if you can tell me which one you should do first:

– Signal

– Change lanes

OMG, please signal first in case you get the belief system that it’s ok to change lanes without signalling.

I seriously wonder how some people got their driving license Singapore by not learning that. Either that or they chose to ignore the fact and put everyone’s lives at danger or they didn’t learn from a good private driving instructor in Singapore.

Look, it is very important to signal well before you even filter lanes. This is because there may be dangerous drivers who speed and suddenly appear on the lane you want to filter onto. This poses a great driving risk in terms of a road accident potentially happening.

It is also important to start signalling early even before you think of turning your head to check your blind spot as well as your side view mirror because if you did the sequence the other way around, you may suddenly hit a car because other cars driving behind you may not know that you actually want to filter lanes.

I would give you an award if you can answer true or false to the following question correctly.

I should always give way to people who want to cut my lane.

False. You should not give way to overtaking vehicles all of the time. This is something that only top private driving instructors in Singapore will actually teach. You should not always give way to other cars because sometimes the car behind is following too closely to you, and if you suddenly braked to give way to the car next to you to cut into your lane, the car behind might not be able to slow down sufficiently resulting in a crash!

Cool Driving Skills

Does the driving stunts in the above video look cool? In my opinion, they look simply amazing though dangerous at the same time. It looks fun, it feels like driving was brought straight out of computer games.

However, before you go out there and start applying for driving races, you should first learn some seriously cool driving skills if you want to race like a rally racer. Before you begin all such racing, you will need to get your Singapore driving license first.

Taking the driving license in Singapore is highly recommended even for foreigners or Singaporeans alike because the good thing about the driving license in Singapore is that it is an international one. This means that even if you come from a left hand drive country around the other side of the world (e.g. America), you would still be able to immediately buy or rent a car and drive off! That is the best feeling you can get – an international driving license. Oh yes, take note though, if you have a driving license from certain countries, you may not necessarily be able to drive immediately in Singapore. You have to convert to a local one.

Here are some tips to help you navigate this supposedly thorny issue:

– First you need to apply for a basic theory test (with an average waiting time of between 1 to 2 months). Then you want to take it and pass or you would have to wait for another 1 to 2 months which is a big waste of time. This is especially the case for foreigner expatriates sending their children to driving lessons in Singapore.

– Now you will then need to apply for the final theory test in Singapore and pass it.

– After getting your pass for your basic theory test, you would actually be able to apply for a provisional driving license and start taking driving lessons on the roads with driving school or private driving instructors. If you are a foreigner, I would recommend you to learn and take driving lessons from private driving instructors instead. They are much more affordable and teach even better due to many more years of experience under their belt. You can look for Sglearntodrive to recommend you private driving instructors. I got mine there!