Before You Perform Your Driving Stunts

Before you perform your driving stunts, and before you win your first Nascar race, please, take your driving lessons in Singapore first. Many kids think just because they have driven some kind of computer game then they know how to actually drive a real car. When you drive a go cart, you can easily see the four corners of the car. However, when it comes to a real car, you can hardly see them – sometimes, you have to estimate and rely on part skill and part intuition.

Some learner drivers think that because they have driven a golf cart they are capable of taking the driving test in Singapore immediately. There is a reason that the age limit for a golf cart and requirements to drive it is so much lesser than that of a real full international driving license. There is a reason why even outside of Singapore, there are also stringent regulations on driving licenses. It is very different and because the cars can move at much higher speeds than anything else, it is potentially much more dangerous so you need to take many more driving lessons than most students think they actually need.

So always make sure that you go for proper driving lessons. I know that for overseas, such as perhaps in certain European country side areas, you do not actually need to learn from a qualified teacher, as long as you pass the final practical examination – this is not the case in Singapore, you need official driving lessons.

There is also a type of driving lessons which teach you how to perform driving stunts, that’s another level and a whole different level above normal driving – so even after you get your driver’s license do not go crazy and start doing some Jackie Chan stunts.

For normal students, I recommend you go for private driving instructors because they are much cheaper and their teaching skills are actually better (yes it’s true they have many more years of teaching driving experience).

Get Your License and Own Your Car


The 5Cs in Singapore – of course, some of them have changed, but one certainly hasn’t. Car.

Why squeeze in the public transport when you can move around in the comfort of your luxury car? Or sports car?

But of course, without a valid Singapore driving license you cannot drive on the roads of Singapore.

If you are a foreigner and already have an international license or ‘experience’ driving, these are not exactly recognized, you need to pass strict regulations. Some countries allow for self-learning, Singapore does NOT.

Take note, you will need to convert your license and learn from qualified private driving instructors who are located mainly in three areas in Singapore – namely, Ubi (Comfort Delgro Driving Centre), Bukit Batok (Bukit Batok Driving Centre) and Woodlands (Singapore Safety Driving Centre).

The venue of the driving test are around the public schools at these above mentioned areas, and thus private driving instructors will also teach their students routes around the test area so as to familiarize their students with the routes and increase the probability of passing the test and getting their Singapore driving license ASAP and on the first try.

As driving lessons can get pretty expensive if dragged on for too long, always make sure only to learn from the top instructors, so that you pass on your first try and save money, time and effort.

This is especially made worse if you do not pick a good driving instructor to teach you. For every driving test in Singapore that you fail to pass, you will probably need to take an additional 5 to 10 driving lessons afterwards. This equates to more than $300 to $500 in driving lesson fees. These are unnecessary costs which you should not encounter if you had found a great private driving instructor to give you Singapore driving lessons in the first place. Therefore, you should be okay if you found an instructor who is slightly more expensive but is very good at teaching.