Key milestones

In Singapore, most of the people still remembers and aim for the 5 C’s – Cash, Condo, Car, Country Club, and Credit Card. Among these 5 C’s, the condo, car, and country club are the relatively more difficult things to achieve. To be able to get a car, you must first know how to drive and possess a driving license in Singapore.

Driving is becoming a top target for everyone is Singapore, especially when many have experience the crowded public transport – during peak periods especially. The human population in Singapore is increasing, but the capacity of the public transport is remaining the same. This may mean that it will get more and more uncomfortable to take public transport in Singapore in the future.

As a result, private drivers like Uber will become more popular – although the ultimate goal of most Singaporeans would be to get their own car and drive it like a boss! So if you also have this goal of not wanting to squeeze with others, then get a private driving instructor in Singapore today too to start taking your lessons and pass your test to get your very own Singapore driving license!

Trust me, having your own valid Singapore driving license quickly is a great feeling. Passing your Singapore driving test on your first attempt is about one of the best feelings you can ever have and experience in your life!

THis is because you only need to pass it once and you get to keep your driving license which is international – this means that with this driving license you got in Singapore, you would be able to convert it to any country’s even if you were to migrate or something to another country in future. That’s the best part about Singapore’s driving license.

Make sure to get a good private driving instructor as like how I have mentioned in my previous posts if you want to pass your driving test on your first try.

My Driving Experience

I (Cameroon) would give you a cookie award if you can tell me which one you should do first:

– Signal

– Change lanes

OMG, please signal first in case you get the belief system that it’s ok to change lanes without signalling.

I seriously wonder how some people got their driving license Singapore by not learning that. Either that or they chose to ignore the fact and put everyone’s lives at danger or they didn’t learn from a good private driving instructor in Singapore.

Look, it is very important to signal well before you even filter lanes. This is because there may be dangerous drivers who speed and suddenly appear on the lane you want to filter onto. This poses a great driving risk in terms of a road accident potentially happening.

It is also important to start signalling early even before you think of turning your head to check your blind spot as well as your side view mirror because if you did the sequence the other way around, you may suddenly hit a car because other cars driving behind you may not know that you actually want to filter lanes.

I would give you an award if you can answer true or false to the following question correctly.

I should always give way to people who want to cut my lane.

False. You should not give way to overtaking vehicles all of the time. This is something that only top private driving instructors in Singapore will actually teach. You should not always give way to other cars because sometimes the car behind is following too closely to you, and if you suddenly braked to give way to the car next to you to cut into your lane, the car behind might not be able to slow down sufficiently resulting in a crash!