Driving feats

Please do not think that all learner drivers are poor at driving. For all you know, some learner drivers may be better at driving than a driver with 1 year experience. Though this may seem highly impossible, there is still a little chance that this can occur. Driving is not just about experience, it’s about talent as well.

If someone is very talented in driving, he will grasp the concepts and pick up driving very fast. He will even know how to improve certain aspects of driving himself without teaching.

The driving test in Singapore will not be putting too much pressure on him as he will be very comfortable with all the basic skills. There are some people who take the driving test with such ease that awe the testers.

However, most of the times, students overestimate their driving skills and think they are good enough to pass the driving test when they really do not. This is because people will naturally feel more nervous when taking the actual Singapore driving test, and this causes intuition to kick in when driving instead. This means that unless you are absolutely familiar with driving basics, you will not be able to drive well during your driving test – this means that you can potentially fail it and not achieve your Singapore driving license. That is terrible and you do not want this to happen to you.

What you can do is to do the following:

1) Find a great private driving instructor (try http://sglearntodrive.com/about-us/). Such private driving instructors can be found through online matching agencies which specialise in this. It is just like match making but they allocate instructors as well as driving lessons and its timings to you. They have access to a lot of private driving instructors and so will be able to best find you one that suits your requirements as much as possible.

2) Take more driving lessons. Unless you are so confident of your skills and your instructor is confident too, you should not attempt to take the driving examination in Singapore. You should concentrate on taking more driving lessons from your private driving instructor if you feel even slightly doubtful of your driving skills. (because as mentioned above your intuitive driving will take place instead when you are nervous).

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