Conquering the driving test

Everyone can take the driving test in Singapore and pass eventually and get their driving license. But how many driving students can do it on their first try? Unfortunately, the passing rate is low unless you learn from competent private driving instructors. Don’t even bother going to driving schools to learn or take driving lessons.

Passing driving test Singapore is not difficult at all if you are adequately prepared.

Here are some tips to help you out on top of the tips given to you by your Singapore private driving instructor during your driving lessons.

If you can control your brakes and accelerator pedals well (not going too hard or too soft on them), and also control your steering wheel well (knowing how much to turn every time), and maintain a vigilant stance of your surroundings, then the driving test will be a breeze.

Knowing how to control your brakes and accelerator pedals and your steering wheel will come with practice.

Stepping on the brake and accelerator pedal too hard is a common mistake made by beginner drivers, and this is hard to break down into many technical steps. This is learnt more intuitively and comes with experience.

On the other hand, turning of your steering wheel is a major issue mainly only when it comes to U turning for learn to drive students. This is because when it comes to parking in the driving school circuits, it is a controlled environment and there may not be a lot of students there. However, when it comes to a full U turn on a main traffic road, there will be a lot of cars and incoming traffic who are super experienced drivers. This can potentially make the student (e.g. you) panic. Hence for such situations, especially for learn to drive students, it is better to know the exact number of turns you need to execute and turn back for the U turn to be driven smoothyl.t

And the vigilance of your surroundings result from your habits as well. Driving on the roads is an interactive process. You will need to keep a lookout of the other cars because sometimes they may make a mistake, and by keeping a lookout, you may be able to spot them early and avoid road accidents.

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