Best time to drive in Singapore

What is the absolute best time to drive around on the roads in Singapore? This may be a dumb question as almost everyone may have chosen night time as the best time to drive around in Singapore. At least for me it is the case.

First of all, it is much more cooling at night than in the day, thus a more enjoyable driving experience too.

But all this is made even better if you drive a convertible. This is because you can wind down your roof and experience the cool gushing wind brushing against you while driving on the roads of Singapore at night. This may not be comfortable in the day due to the hot sun, unless you want a suntan. Especially because Singapore’s weather is usually sunny or rainy and is seldom cloudy, you want to drive with your top down only at night in Singapore.

Also, there are fewer cars at night in Singapore – lesser traffic. Thus, it is easier to drive around in Singapore. What’s more, you can drive at a faster speed too, giving you more adrenaline rush and satisfaction. But remember to be vigilant on the roads, react according to situations and make sure to still keep at the respective driving speed limit.

However, you might want to note that you want to drive slower if it is the first time you are driving at night. There are some people who have taken driving lessons from private driving instructors at night (you can only take such night driving lessons when it comes to private driving instructors – making them even more valuable). However, not every student learns driving at night and so if you are one of those students who have only taken day driving lessons in Singapore, then you might want to slow down when it comes to night driving. This is because your eyes may not be used to the roads at night as it is significantly darker even with the many road lamps. Your visibility will definitely be much lower at night.

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