Key milestones

In Singapore, most of the people still remembers and aim for the 5 C’s – Cash, Condo, Car, Country Club, and Credit Card. Among these 5 C’s, the condo, car, and country club are the relatively more difficult things to achieve. To be able to get a car, you must first know how to drive and possess a driving license in Singapore.

Driving is becoming a top target for everyone is Singapore, especially when many have experience the crowded public transport – during peak periods especially. The human population in Singapore is increasing, but the capacity of the public transport is remaining the same. This may mean that it will get more and more uncomfortable to take public transport in Singapore in the future.

As a result, private drivers like Uber will become more popular – although the ultimate goal of most Singaporeans would be to get their own car and drive it like a boss! So if you also have this goal of not wanting to squeeze with others, then get a private driving instructor in Singapore today too to start taking your lessons and pass your test to get your very own Singapore driving license!

Trust me, having your own valid Singapore driving license quickly is a great feeling. Passing your Singapore driving test on your first attempt is about one of the best feelings you can ever have and experience in your life!

THis is because you only need to pass it once and you get to keep your driving license which is international – this means that with this driving license you got in Singapore, you would be able to convert it to any country’s even if you were to migrate or something to another country in future. That’s the best part about Singapore’s driving license.

Make sure to get a good private driving instructor as like how I have mentioned in my previous posts if you want to pass your driving test on your first try.

Joke private driving instructors

Some Singapore private driving instructor are a joke. Although they may be good at driving (which they clearly have to be otherwise they would not have their Singapore driving licenses), their way of teaching cannot make it.

Teaching has more to do with the private driving instructor’s attitude. This is because some of these private driving instructors may be impatient naturally. So when the students make any mistakes, the instructors will start to nag a lot or even raise his voice at the students. They also expect the students to learn fast, if not they will start to scold the students. Therefore it really is necessary to find a good private driving instructor to take driving lessons from or you would find learning a uphill task.

Some other driving instructors can be even more cunning. For instance, even if the students are already good at a certain driving technique, they will still keep asking the students to repeat the same driving routine just to increase the number of lessons with them. This is not being productive at all.

This is why it is so important to get a good private driving instructor. Without the right person to coach and teach you and give you driving lessons, you would find passing your Singapore driving test very difficult. When you get a good instructor, everything simply comes together because you will be taught all of the necessary skills to pass the test. A good private driving instructor in Singapore will teach you above and beyond the necessary basic driving skills. This is because there are many unspoken, informal rules about driving that you should keep to that are usually not taught by school driving instructors and also not taught in the books for final and basic theory test. It is thus important to find a good private driving instructors – either ask a friend or family member of yours who has passed their test on the first try to recommend you their driving instructor or look online for professional matching agencies for private driving instructors.

Driving feats

Please do not think that all learner drivers are poor at driving. For all you know, some learner drivers may be better at driving than a driver with 1 year experience. Though this may seem highly impossible, there is still a little chance that this can occur. Driving is not just about experience, it’s about talent as well.

If someone is very talented in driving, he will grasp the concepts and pick up driving very fast. He will even know how to improve certain aspects of driving himself without teaching.

The driving test in Singapore will not be putting too much pressure on him as he will be very comfortable with all the basic skills. There are some people who take the driving test with such ease that awe the testers.

However, most of the times, students overestimate their driving skills and think they are good enough to pass the driving test when they really do not. This is because people will naturally feel more nervous when taking the actual Singapore driving test, and this causes intuition to kick in when driving instead. This means that unless you are absolutely familiar with driving basics, you will not be able to drive well during your driving test – this means that you can potentially fail it and not achieve your Singapore driving license. That is terrible and you do not want this to happen to you.

What you can do is to do the following:

1) Find a great private driving instructor (try Such private driving instructors can be found through online matching agencies which specialise in this. It is just like match making but they allocate instructors as well as driving lessons and its timings to you. They have access to a lot of private driving instructors and so will be able to best find you one that suits your requirements as much as possible.

2) Take more driving lessons. Unless you are so confident of your skills and your instructor is confident too, you should not attempt to take the driving examination in Singapore. You should concentrate on taking more driving lessons from your private driving instructor if you feel even slightly doubtful of your driving skills. (because as mentioned above your intuitive driving will take place instead when you are nervous).

Before You Perform Your Driving Stunts

Before you perform your driving stunts, and before you win your first Nascar race, please, take your driving lessons in Singapore first. Many kids think just because they have driven some kind of computer game then they know how to actually drive a real car. When you drive a go cart, you can easily see the four corners of the car. However, when it comes to a real car, you can hardly see them – sometimes, you have to estimate and rely on part skill and part intuition.

Some learner drivers think that because they have driven a golf cart they are capable of taking the driving test in Singapore immediately. There is a reason that the age limit for a golf cart and requirements to drive it is so much lesser than that of a real full international driving license. There is a reason why even outside of Singapore, there are also stringent regulations on driving licenses. It is very different and because the cars can move at much higher speeds than anything else, it is potentially much more dangerous so you need to take many more driving lessons than most students think they actually need.

So always make sure that you go for proper driving lessons. I know that for overseas, such as perhaps in certain European country side areas, you do not actually need to learn from a qualified teacher, as long as you pass the final practical examination – this is not the case in Singapore, you need official driving lessons.

There is also a type of driving lessons which teach you how to perform driving stunts, that’s another level and a whole different level above normal driving – so even after you get your driver’s license do not go crazy and start doing some Jackie Chan stunts.

For normal students, I recommend you go for private driving instructors because they are much cheaper and their teaching skills are actually better (yes it’s true they have many more years of teaching driving experience).

Get Your License and Own Your Car


The 5Cs in Singapore – of course, some of them have changed, but one certainly hasn’t. Car.

Why squeeze in the public transport when you can move around in the comfort of your luxury car? Or sports car?

But of course, without a valid Singapore driving license you cannot drive on the roads of Singapore.

If you are a foreigner and already have an international license or ‘experience’ driving, these are not exactly recognized, you need to pass strict regulations. Some countries allow for self-learning, Singapore does NOT.

Take note, you will need to convert your license and learn from qualified private driving instructors who are located mainly in three areas in Singapore – namely, Ubi (Comfort Delgro Driving Centre), Bukit Batok (Bukit Batok Driving Centre) and Woodlands (Singapore Safety Driving Centre).

The venue of the driving test are around the public schools at these above mentioned areas, and thus private driving instructors will also teach their students routes around the test area so as to familiarize their students with the routes and increase the probability of passing the test and getting their Singapore driving license ASAP and on the first try.

As driving lessons can get pretty expensive if dragged on for too long, always make sure only to learn from the top instructors, so that you pass on your first try and save money, time and effort.

This is especially made worse if you do not pick a good driving instructor to teach you. For every driving test in Singapore that you fail to pass, you will probably need to take an additional 5 to 10 driving lessons afterwards. This equates to more than $300 to $500 in driving lesson fees. These are unnecessary costs which you should not encounter if you had found a great private driving instructor to give you Singapore driving lessons in the first place. Therefore, you should be okay if you found an instructor who is slightly more expensive but is very good at teaching.

Taking Your TP Exam

So you have passed your Basic Theory Test, and Final Theory Test at one of the 3 driving schools in Singapore, taken your lessons and now are finally ready for you Singapore driving test.

Excited? Sure you will be. But perhaps, for most of you, nervousness would be part of your emotions as well.

Here are some of the best tips to help you calm down before the practical driving examination.

1) Drink warm water (NOT cold water) before your examination. Around 3/4 cup of it would be good. Somehow when you stay warm, you feel less nervous.

2) If you have really bad sweaty palms, you can go to the bowling alley and purchase from the store a puff ball. Basically, you powder your hand with powder but it goes through the cloth fabric of the ball so it is not too much but sufficient to keep your hands very very slightly moist (or rather, naturally feeling instead of perspiring)

3) Try to take a lesson before the exam, and treat that as the exam. When I did that, I actually was much more nervous during the lesson, and when it came to the exam, it felt super simple.

4) Believe you’re meant to pass. You got it. Just do it.

5) Know that the driving tester from the traffic police department will keep tapping at his or her iPad screen and that does not meant that you are making mistakes or doing something right. He or she is usually simply ticking a check list for you as you go through your driving test.

6) Always wear comfortable clothing – do not wear pants which would make you feel uncomfortable and do not wear clothes which would restrict your movement.

7) Always wear your best pair of spectacles if you have more than one and make sure to bring along your eye drops if you wear contact lenses.

School Or Private Driving Instructors?

If you are looking to pass your practical driving exam in Singapore, you will probably need to pass your BTT and FTT first. Although you could technically apply for a valid provisional driving license after passing your basic theory driving test and start taking driving lessons, take note that your PDL will only last for 6 months and because waiting for the practical Singapore traffic police driving test takes about 1 to 2 months from booking, This means that you definitely need to pass your final theory test and practical driving test in Singapore on your very first attempt for both or you would need to renew your PDL. Of course, it is also highly likely you can achieve that if you study and memorize the details for the final theory test and take driving lessons from a good private driving instructor Singapore.

After that you need to get your PDL and then look for a qualified driving instructor. But how should you decide on one and should you get a school one or a private one?

First of all, private driving instructor Singapore are definitely much more experienced than the instructors at schools because they have hands-on experience for mostly more than 20 to 30 years. They thus have lots of experience and their own teaching style for driving as well.

Secondly, private driving teachers usually are less structured (generally speaking) and may or may not have a structured curriculum and some of them go with sheer experience. If you prefer a structured manner, then schools would be the better choice for you.

Prices are definitely much cheaper for private. Even the most expensive private tutors are way cheaper than a regular school tutor.

Priority and speed in booking for the exam is given to school students, other students might have to usually wait longer for their exam slot to take place.

Best time to drive in Singapore

What is the absolute best time to drive around on the roads in Singapore? This may be a dumb question as almost everyone may have chosen night time as the best time to drive around in Singapore. At least for me it is the case.

First of all, it is much more cooling at night than in the day, thus a more enjoyable driving experience too.

But all this is made even better if you drive a convertible. This is because you can wind down your roof and experience the cool gushing wind brushing against you while driving on the roads of Singapore at night. This may not be comfortable in the day due to the hot sun, unless you want a suntan. Especially because Singapore’s weather is usually sunny or rainy and is seldom cloudy, you want to drive with your top down only at night in Singapore.

Also, there are fewer cars at night in Singapore – lesser traffic. Thus, it is easier to drive around in Singapore. What’s more, you can drive at a faster speed too, giving you more adrenaline rush and satisfaction. But remember to be vigilant on the roads, react according to situations and make sure to still keep at the respective driving speed limit.

However, you might want to note that you want to drive slower if it is the first time you are driving at night. There are some people who have taken driving lessons from private driving instructors at night (you can only take such night driving lessons when it comes to private driving instructors – making them even more valuable). However, not every student learns driving at night and so if you are one of those students who have only taken day driving lessons in Singapore, then you might want to slow down when it comes to night driving. This is because your eyes may not be used to the roads at night as it is significantly darker even with the many road lamps. Your visibility will definitely be much lower at night.

Conquering the driving test

Everyone can take the driving test in Singapore and pass eventually and get their driving license. But how many driving students can do it on their first try? Unfortunately, the passing rate is low unless you learn from competent private driving instructors. Don’t even bother going to driving schools to learn or take driving lessons.

Passing driving test Singapore is not difficult at all if you are adequately prepared.

Here are some tips to help you out on top of the tips given to you by your Singapore private driving instructor during your driving lessons.

If you can control your brakes and accelerator pedals well (not going too hard or too soft on them), and also control your steering wheel well (knowing how much to turn every time), and maintain a vigilant stance of your surroundings, then the driving test will be a breeze.

Knowing how to control your brakes and accelerator pedals and your steering wheel will come with practice.

Stepping on the brake and accelerator pedal too hard is a common mistake made by beginner drivers, and this is hard to break down into many technical steps. This is learnt more intuitively and comes with experience.

On the other hand, turning of your steering wheel is a major issue mainly only when it comes to U turning for learn to drive students. This is because when it comes to parking in the driving school circuits, it is a controlled environment and there may not be a lot of students there. However, when it comes to a full U turn on a main traffic road, there will be a lot of cars and incoming traffic who are super experienced drivers. This can potentially make the student (e.g. you) panic. Hence for such situations, especially for learn to drive students, it is better to know the exact number of turns you need to execute and turn back for the U turn to be driven smoothyl.t

And the vigilance of your surroundings result from your habits as well. Driving on the roads is an interactive process. You will need to keep a lookout of the other cars because sometimes they may make a mistake, and by keeping a lookout, you may be able to spot them early and avoid road accidents.

My Driving Experience

I (Cameroon) would give you a cookie award if you can tell me which one you should do first:

– Signal

– Change lanes

OMG, please signal first in case you get the belief system that it’s ok to change lanes without signalling.

I seriously wonder how some people got their driving license Singapore by not learning that. Either that or they chose to ignore the fact and put everyone’s lives at danger or they didn’t learn from a good private driving instructor in Singapore.

Look, it is very important to signal well before you even filter lanes. This is because there may be dangerous drivers who speed and suddenly appear on the lane you want to filter onto. This poses a great driving risk in terms of a road accident potentially happening.

It is also important to start signalling early even before you think of turning your head to check your blind spot as well as your side view mirror because if you did the sequence the other way around, you may suddenly hit a car because other cars driving behind you may not know that you actually want to filter lanes.

I would give you an award if you can answer true or false to the following question correctly.

I should always give way to people who want to cut my lane.

False. You should not give way to overtaking vehicles all of the time. This is something that only top private driving instructors in Singapore will actually teach. You should not always give way to other cars because sometimes the car behind is following too closely to you, and if you suddenly braked to give way to the car next to you to cut into your lane, the car behind might not be able to slow down sufficiently resulting in a crash!